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The Impacts of TPP and AEC on the Vietnamese Economy: Macroeconomic Aspects and the Livestock Sector

15:27:22 05/01/2016

“The Impacts of TPP and AEC on the Vietnamese Economy:  Macroeconomic Aspects and the Case of Livestock Sector” is a comprehensive study on the economic effects of Viet Nam's current integration process, with special focus on such important free trade agreements as Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The book provides an assessment of macroeconomic impacts based on a standard computable general equilibrium analysis, employing the latest GTAP database. The authors then analyzes the impacts at sectoral level, from various dimensions as trade flows, prices, outputs and changes in economic welfare. The livestock sector, which is considered having few advantages and being vulnerable under the implementation of TPP, is treated as a special case for in-depth study.


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