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  • Chủ biên : Christine Ngoc Ngo
    Giới thiệu chung :This paper analyzes the industrial success of the telecommunications industry in Vietnam using developmental rent management analysis (DRMA). The empirical evidence for this study is primarily based on 42 semi-structured interviews with government officials, firm managers, suppliers, workers, and industry experts from 2010 to 2012. DRMA suggests that the industry’s success was based on a number of rent management factors that corrected certain market failures and encouraged significant effort for learning and technology adoption. These factors were fundamentally based on: (1) favorable political supports for rent creation from the state, (2) an effective structure of rent allocation and implementation, and (3) credible incentives and pressures that encouraged industrial upgrading. While each factor by itself was insufficient to ensure the success of the industry, their synthesis was such that Vietnamese telecom operators, in particular Viettel Group, were motivated and compelled to ...
  • Chủ biên : Nguyen Thang DAO
    Giới thiệu chung : This paper proposes a new mechanism linking technology, gender inequality in education, and fertility in a unified growth model. There are three main components to the mechanism: First, increases in the level of technology not only increase the return to human capital but also reduce women's time in doing housework, leaving women with more time for child care and labor-force participation, since technological progress creates labour-saving products for doing housework. Second, the decreases in women's time devoted to housework in the future make households today invest less in education for their sons in order to invest more education for their daughters because the marginal return to female education is higher than that to male education, therefore, improving the gender equality in education. Third, the better gender equality in education, in turn, accelerates the technological progress. This positive feedback loop generates a demographic transition accompanied with ...
  • Chủ biên : Christine Ngoc Ngo
    Giới thiệu chung :The issues of development in developing countries are twofold. First, growth and development requires technological upgrading and industrial capability-building. Second, embedded within each developing economy is a rent-seeking society, which operates both formally and informally. This paper assesses each of the two issues in turn by presenting an overview of key contributions in the literature on the institutional economic analysis of technological change, learning, rents, and rent-seeking. It first reviews the neoclassical literature on technology and growth, which was largely derived from Solow’s model on growth and technical change. The following section presents alternative approaches, which challenge Solow’s and others’ assumptions by pointing out that the appropriation of knowledge is neither automatic nor costless. It is in this context that a state’s intervention in the forms of industrial policies is arguably essential for catching up. Next, the paper surveys the theoretical ...
  • Chủ biên : Nguyen Thang DAO, Julio DÁVILA
    Giới thiệu chung :We extend the model in Galor and Weil (2000), considering geographical factors, to show that, under some initial condition, an economy may be locked in Malthusian stagnation and it never takes off. Specifically, we show how the interplay of “land”, its “accessibility”, and technology prevents an economy from escaping stagnation.Download
  • Chủ biên : Nguyen Thang DAO and Julio DÁVILA
    Giới thiệu chung :This paper develops a unified growth model capturing issues of endogenous economic growth, fertility and technological progress considering the effects of geographical conditions to interpret the long transition from Malthusian stagnation, through demographic transition to modern sustained growth, and the great divergence in GDP per capita across societies. The paper shows how the interplay of size of “land” and its “accessibility” and technological progress play a very important role for an economy to escape Malthusian stagnation and to take off. Thus differences in these geographical factors lead to differences in take-off timings, generating great divergence across societies. Download
  • Chủ biên : Scott E. Atkinson, Le Van Chon, Le Dang Trung
    Giới thiệu chung :Vietnam has experienced a dramatic growth in its fisheries sector over the last two decades. One key factor underlying the impressive achievements of this sector is the rapid growth of the processing firms, which include both state-owned privately-owned firms. In order to measure their technical and allocative efficiency, we estimate a shadow cost system using a Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo procedure. We find that firms have not fully exploited economies of scale. They are likely to over-utilize labor relative to capital, but those located in Mekong delta generally perform better than those located in other regions. Small firms tend to have higher allocative efficiency than larger ones. Interestingly, based on this measure, while in other regions state-owned enterprises do worse than private enterprises, the pattern seems to be reserved in the Mekong delta. In addition, large fluctuations in efficiency change and productivity change across several firms may indicate the ...
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  • Chủ biên : Christine Ngoc Ngo
    Giới thiệu chung :In examining the industrial success of Vietnam’s fast growing economy, this paper firstly asks whether FDI based industrial policy in the motorcycle industry resulted in industrial success and, if so, why. Using the political economy framework of rents and rent seeking, this paper assesses the triangular rent-seeking relationship between three countries Vietnam, Japan and China – in relation to Vietnam’s motorcycle industry. The paper concludes that the Vietnamese government’s policy in offering rents for foreign investors were largely unsuccessful in the short term; however, some accidental rents have led to significant technological transformation in the production chain among assemblers and producers. Download
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  • Chủ biên : Nguyễn Thị Thu Hằng, Nguyễn Đức Thành
    Giới thiệu chung :In this study, we use an evidence based approach to identify and analyze the key drivers ofinflation in Vietnam in recent years. The literature on inflation in Vietnam, which is mainly notup-to-date with recent events and changes, focuses on the demand-pull factors of inflation and ignores the cost-push factors. The only consideration for supply side factors is the inclusion of world prices (often as external supply shock). Also, one important demand factor that has not been studied (quantitatively) is the role of budget deficit and public debt on inflation. The study is expected to provide the current policy debates in Vietnam with a reliable, scientific and evidence-based macroeconomic research on the main causes of inflation. As controlling inflation is one of the key concerns of the policy agenda this year and the next, this study hopes to clarify the problem and contribute to the macro policy making process.Download
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  • Chủ biên : Đào Nguyên Thắng
    Giới thiệu chung :Nghiên cứu này chỉ ra rằng trong một nền kinh tế với nhiều thế hệ, với môi trường tự hủy hoại và cả tiêu dùng lẫn sản xuất đều gây ô nhiễm thì luôn tồn tại điểm cân bằng đa thế hệ để xác định điểm dừng cạnh tranh cho nền kinh tế. Điểm dừng này được so sánh với điểm dừng cân bằng theo quan điểm của nhà hoạch định xã hội.Nghiên cứu chỉ ra “quy tắc vàng” tối ưu trong phân chia nguồn lực nhằm tối đa hóa tổng lợi ích của tất cả các thế hệ, và khi tỷ suất vốn trong môi trường cạnh tranh cao hơn tỷ suất vốn theo quy tắc vàng thì nền kinh tế đứng ở điểm không hiệu quả. Độ rộng của vùng giá trị không hiệu quả của tỷ suất vốn phụ thuộc đồng chiều với sự phát triển của công nghệ bảo vệ môi trường và phụ thuộc ngược chiều với độ sạch của công nghệ sản xuất. Với mỗi nền kinh tế cạnh tranh như vậy, tôi đưa ra một số kết hợp thuế và chuyển nhượng với mục tiêu phi tập trung hóa điểm dừng tốt nhất có thể đạt được thông qua thị trường hàng hóa và thị trường yếu tố sản xuất.Download
  • Chủ biên : Tô Trung Thành và nhóm nghiên cứu của VEPR
    Giới thiệu chung :Our analyses on the PCI 2009 survey show that the positive impacts of the loan subsidy program upon firm performance is not very significant. The size of impact on labor employed before and after the subsidy program introduced is found to be relatively small. Firms in the mining sector or of medium size seem to have a propensity to employ more labor rather than have more investment in machinery or equipment. This might imply that the subsidy package has helped these firms in short-term performance but not in the longer term.Download
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